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Alphaville Calendar: May 21

Happiness is a gem, but as overwhelming as it may be in the very moment of its experience, not until its recollection it accrues to its true dimension. The date sheet of May features such a moment of unforgettable happiness. Alphaville were on the move in the Rhineland and thus the unexpected opportunity arose for me to spend some time with my oldest son Marlon, ten by then, and his mother, that one enchanting afternoon between two of our concerts. The photo was taken on a hill from where we had a wonderful view across the Rhine valley. The area was a game park with lots of free-range animals, primarily goats, ponies and one rather lippy donkey. It is quite astonishing how little it takes to experience true happiness. Without a doubt this day was a moment of heaven on earth, a trice of peace, tranquillity and love in between the hustle and bustle of all the flights, hotels and concerts.
The photo below shows the conclusion of this unforgettable Golden Afternoon. I think, it tells its own tale.
Marian Gold