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NEW SINGLE! Schiller x Alphaville

HOMESICKNESS is a terrible feeling but it creates great songs. And „Summer in Berlin“ is a paradigm for it. Homesickness is also a very contradictional phenomenon. No matter how ugly or run down the place is we once called our home, we never escape its magnetism. And Westberlin was a paradigm for that. When Alphaville retreated into splendid isolation to Münster, our first album „Forever Young“ became a collection of homesickness hymns on the wonders of our rotten, bombed out and disrupted homeland Westberlin. It was the realm where all our wildest Pop dreams were born. And the pivotal song was „Summer in Berlin“. When I read the quote from Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller, that „Summer in Berlin“ sounded like the ultimate wanderlust to me“, it felt like the validation of a long divined spiritual connection between him and us. In fact, one can’t describe the core of „Summer in Berlin“ any better. We have never released it as a single. How stupid we were. Now Christopher is doing it. A happy ending…
Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd