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… original roars of the dinosaur

 …ok, so what have we here: “so8os presents Alphaville”, …hey, that’s us, I mean, Bernhard, Frank, Rick and me! But not only us. It’s also Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones, inventors of that formidable project that features remix stuff from the 80’ies. They used to call them maxis back then, …or 12 inches. You know what I mean? Those big black vinyl discs rotating on strange machines looking like retarded one armed bandits. Whatever, Piet and Jaspa inspired us to go back in time, into the Jurassic Age of Alphaville when recording studios had the size of a tennis court and sound was “analogue”; well, nobody actually knew it was “analogue” because it was the only sound around.
Anyway, Bernhard and me rummaged through the dusty archives of Alphaville and rescued “tapes” from long ago. People used to record music on such tapes, you know. And why did we do that? It was because Piet and Jaspa promised us they would conjure that great ole music out of all these rotten tapes as if it was brandnew. Just as if you heard the original roar of a giant dinosaur, so to speak. And they did! But what else did we find? Well, as a matter of fact we excavated the original tapes of all our single-b-sides from those days. So, what you actually can listen to on this wonderful and unique compilation of music is not only the original roars of the beforementioned dinosaur but also the complete jungle noises around in all their beauty! Just go ahead and enjoy the magic!
From Alphaville with love.
Marian Gold

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