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Dear Friends,
coming Monday’s song IN THE GODS is a complete new recording, we did for you just three weeks ago. Mr. Rain asked me if we’d intend to put it on THUNDERBABY, but no. It ain’t the kind of song that would fit on it. That is not because it is a bad song, in fact I think it is quite fine. But it had its times and these times are over. Interestingly that is exactly what the song is all about. Flawless amalgamation of form and function, I’d say. What more can one expect. And as we speak of expectations; IN THE GODS is something you (hopefully) would not expect but probably have never given up hoping for. Well, at least some of you. Have I spilled the beans now? If so, don’t speculate too much but be surprised instead.
Love & Peace & a relaxed Sunday for everyone
Marian Gold
(August 30th, 2020)