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Dear friends from all over,
today’s song, as almost every song we’re going to release on this program, has a long history. But why is it so? We think that depends on how you start a production. There are 2  fundamental ways of commencing:

1.) You have a plan and strictly follow this plan. Whatever idea comes along during production, what matters is, does it fit in the plan or not. If not, forget it. This strategy always works well in terms of production length and money investment.

2.) You have a plan but you don’t follow this plan because of the many nice and pretty ideas that fly around. This, you perhaps already understood, is in most cases our strategy, if you may call it a strategy at all.

If you now listen to this music and compare it to the finally released version it may sound to you like a different song from a different universe. But there is one special thing about it. Obviously, it is still Alphaville. And is it our fault that we reside in so many different scapes of existence? Some may say yes, but actually, we enjoy this condition quite a lot and can’t perceive it as a problem. In fact, this condition provides us with so many lovely tunes ready for this project.

Some say Alphaville’s problem as a band was curiosity. And curiosity tends to kill the cat, so they say. But others say that a cat has nine lifes. Well, some say so and some say so. Just lets be optimistic and hope for the best. In any case. May you all stay save and healthy.

Love & Peace!
Marian, David, Jakob, Carsten and Alex


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