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We Heard The Call Vol. 2

Fans from all over the world and the international fan community ‘The Dreamroom’ realized this tribute album, consisting of 3 cds: Check it out!

This is what Marian Gold said about this project:
“Dear friends, creators and organizers of WHTC,
it is late I know but finally, during the busy days of this year’s ending, I had the time to listen through the entire “We Heard The Call” Compilation and I was really blown away by it. Not only was I flattered by the fact that our music
inspires so many people but also the results are brilliant, lovely, aureate, the cat’s pyjamas!!
You know, I don’t like most of those “professional” Alphaville cover versions, but I do like each and every one of the tracks of “We Heard The Call”, as heterogeneous as they may be. Yes, indeed, they’re truly hetero-genius!
Or in-geneous? Whatsoever, you made my day, you gave me some ideas. Thank you for that.
Most respectfully yours
Marian Gold (moonBoy)”

Additional info:
Release Day: 16 August 2013
Record Label: RobertPreussler16 Records
Catalog#: RP16R001
Format: 3-CD
Info: limited edition (1000)