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Your “Forever Young” Story

Alphaville are celebrating their 35th Anniversary!
Well, a lot of songs have been written meanwhile, a lot of concerts been performed, a lot of wonderful people been known, a lot of CDs been released, a lot of countries been traveled, a lot of experience been made.

Now, let’s now focus on YOUR thoughts and experiences:

Let’s travel back in time to the roots of Alphaville in 1984 when the very first album “Forever Young” was released.
Is there a story you’d like to share with us? Sure there is! What came up to your mind when listening to the tunes? Something weird happened? Something funny? How did you get the album? Has there been impact on anything in your life triggered by the music?
We are more than curious to hear YOUR story!
Your lines will be published at in Alphavilles precious Anniversary Book.
Please write in English or German to Looking forward to your contributions!
(AV Moonbase)